• Holiday Inn

    in the dulles-expo center

    The hotel is marked on the map with a pin point, the address is there. 

    We have a block of rooms reserved so when you book tell them you are with the Braun-McGee wedding.  

    It is $89/night, about $100 with tax. 

    If you go to the link: hoteldetail you can book a room, with the code ERX or you can call 703-815-6060 and book a room and tell them you are with the Braun-McGee wedding.  

    There will also be a shuttle service to take you to and from the airport. If you don't want to get a rental car. If you want a rental car there is a rental service just around the corner from the hotel. 


    The hotel has a shuttle that runs from the airport to the hotel. The shuttle runs 24/7 by request, therefore, please call the front desk at 703-815-6060 to let them know you are ready for pick-up.  The shuttle pick up is located outside of the bottom level of the airport.   You should use the exit ramp near baggage claim areas 2 & 3 and go to the lower level.   Once you are exiting the airport cross over the taxi lane and you will see a covered wait area.  Please go to area 2H.   Be sure to look for the shuttle with the hotel phone number of 703-815-6060 or our new shuttle with the big “H” logo.   Just make sure the van says Holiday Inn Chantilly Dulles Expo



    Added on Mon, Mar 20th 2017




take 28 N to 50 W

Continue on 50 W (John Mosby Hwy) for 14.8mi to the Vineyard on the right. 

You will go through 3 traffic circles and pass, 50 vineyards and Chrysalis Vineyards before you get to Cana. 


Please feel free to call if you need directions. 

703-861-4998 (me)

703-899-1712 (mom) 

703-861-5039 (dad)