Our Engagement

  • Stole the snitch

    After living in Minnesota for about a month and already had a stressful start to work, John knew he wanted and needed to make Jackie happy. He already had showed Cassie and Garrett and a few other friends of hers' the ring, as well as showed it to her brother and parents. When her parents were up for Labor Day weekend he asked them for their blessing to marry Jackie. So the plan was all set in place. Jackie drove the 4hrs up north to John's sister's house where they had a lovely home cooked meal and gathered around the bonfire to have some Smore's. John kept pacing and moving around, Jackie wondered why he wasn't sitting but was more curious to why he was wearing his sweatshirt (he's never cold). John made Jackie her fouth Smore and then bent down on one knee and pulled out from his pocket a golden snitch. He told her to open it she said no. He said "Just open it." So Jackie opened the snitch and John said "You're my future and I don't know a better place or better people to be surrounded by and share this moment, will you marry me?" ...Jackie said yes! :)

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  • The Ring

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