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    Jackie and John first officially met at the wedding of their mutual friends Cassie and Garrett, where they flirted relentlessly. John was both scared and impressed by her drinking ability and had to run off to his room. After the wedding the two had little to no contact, other than facebook and random texts over the next four years.  Then one day back in October of 2015 John boldly texted her, hoping it was the right number, and started the flirtation again. They texted for a few months before Jackie asked what he was doing, then asked him if he wanted to try the long distance. John was estatic when Jackie asked him to date and they began to make plans of reuniting again in Minnesota where it all began. After dating for about two months Jackie , again, asked John what they were and made it official in the new year.  In March 2016 they saw each other for the first time since the wedding and John knew right away that she was the one. They took turns with the visits and Jackie introduced him to all her family and friends back home and they knew it was real. Things were going fast because by May of 2016 Jackie was looking for jobs in the great white north and already got one signed and sealed, all she had to do was find a place to live...but wait! Cassie told her to move in with her and Garrett so now for the big move. John was thrilled that Jackie was moving to be closer to him and knew he couldn't wait any longer to ask her to be his wife. 

    Added on Mon, Nov 7th 2016